Founded in 1970 by Lloyd Wass, Mirada Research & Manufacturing began with a focus on valve engineering design and high pressure testing. The initial operation consisted simply of a high-pressure hydraulic test stand and a manual prototype machine shop. The foundation of Mirada’s success was built upon the 5000 PSI stainless steel inflation valve utilizing a balanced poppet design.  This design became the “backbone” of the U.S. Navy’s flotilla inflatable life raft. The core of the Mirada inflation valve design later transitioned to the “zero-leak” puncture disc design utilized still today.

As the customer base has grown, so has the need for multiple product facets to support the manufacturing of many inflatables including commercial escape slides, emergency inflatable shelters, emergency helicopter floats, shipping dunnage bags, emergency and job site lift bags, culvert disaster plugs, and hyperbaric chambers. Today we continue to support the design, testing, and manufacturing of our current components for all inflatable products in our advanced CNC machine shop. From concept to final product, we take pride in the tradition of providing premium quality inflation components paired with world-class customer service.