Products: Inflation Valves

Series 3000/8000

The Mirada Series 3000 and 8000 Inflation Valve Systems are two-piece cutter valves comprised of a Firing Head and Cylinder Head. The firing head incorporates a spring-loaded bayonet secured by the pull cable ball. The cylinder head incorporates a static sealed disc which is punctured upon valve actuation allowing unrestricted gas flow through the valve outlet. They extremely versatile allowing a wide variety of system integration interfacing. The Series 3000 Inflation Valve is primarily constructed of lightweight anodized 6061 aluminum material. The Series 8000 Inflation Valve is primarily constructed of 303 stainless steel material.
Product - Series 3000  Product - Series 3000


  • Features/Benefits:
    - Two-piece cutter type valve construction Reliable static-type primary seals for leakage free performance
    -Consistent actuation force without the need for an add-on retention device
    -Actuation force unaffected by system gas pressure
    -Pull cable conduit attachment available
    -Safety retention pin interface optional
    -Extremely versatile design allowing many inflation system interfacing options
    -Lightweight anodized aluminum or durable and corrosion resistant stainless steel construction

  • Product Specification Requirements:
    Maximum Rated Working Pressure: 5000 Psig (345 Bar) Effective Flow Area: .0078 sq/in Operating Temperature Range: -40°F - 160°F (-40°C - 71°C)

    Series 3000 Construction Material: 6061 Anodized Aluminum Primary Exterior Surface Finish: Red Anodize Firing Head Approximate Weight: .26 lb (118 g) Cylinder Head Approximate Weight: .38 lb (172 g)

    Series 8000 Construction Material: 303 Stainless Steel Firing Head Approximate Weight: .59 lb (268 g) Cylinder Head Approximate Weight: .77 lb (349 g)

  • Service Fluid:
    Blended Gas
    Breathable Air
    Carbon Dioxide

  • Safety Discharge:
    Safety Burst Disc (To be specified)
    Heat Fusible Plug (Optional)

  • Outlet Location Options:

  • Outlet Interface Options:
    -4 JIC (M), Stainless Steel
    -4 JIC 90º (M), Stainless Steel Elbow
    -5 JIC (M), Stainless Steel (Long)
    -5 JIC (M), Free Rotating
    -6 JIC (M), Stainless Steel (Short)
    -6 JIC (M), Stainless Steel (Long)
    3/8-18 NPSM (M), Stainless Steel (Short)
    3/8-18 NPSM (M), Brass (Medium)
    3/8-18 NPSM (M), Stainless Steel (Long)
    3/8-18 NPSM (M), Brass With Diffuser Nose
    3/8-18 NPSM (M), Stainless Steel With Diffuser Nose
    3/8-19 BSP (M), Stainless Steel

  • Inlet Interface Options:
    3/4-16UNF (M), Face Seal*
    3/4-16UNF (M), Port Seal (MS 33656)*
    7/8-14UNF (M), Face Seal
    7/8-14UNF (M), Port Seal (MS 33656)
    3/4-14NPSM (M), Face Seal
    1-1/16-12UN (M), Port Seal (MS 33656)
    288 DIN (M), Tapered Pipe
    1-1/8-12UNF (M), Face Seal
    1-5/16-12UN (M), Port Seal (MS 33656)

    *Maximum Rated Working Pressure: 3000 Psig (207 Bar)

  • US Patent: 4,959,034

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