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Series 5000

The Mirada Series 5000 Inflation Valve introduces a number of innovative design advances in “cutter-valve" technology. The heart of the valve assembly is a unique puncture disc cartridge component designed to simplify field servicing. This state-of-the-art single piece constructed valve utilizes a bayonet cutter design, which allows rapid release of compressed gas into the inflatable device. The Series 5000 Inflation Valve is available in lightweight anodized aluminum or stainless steel.
Product - Series 5000


  • Features/Benefits:
    - Single-piece cartridge assembly cutter valve construction for simplified servicing
    - Reliable static type primary seals for leakage free performance
    - Consistent actuation force with frangible retention pin
    - Actuation force unaffected by system gas pressure
    - Tru-Ball pull cable optional
    - Up-pull or down-pull pull cable housing attachment option
    - Pull cable conduit attachment available
    - Safety retention pin interface standard
    - Extremely versatile design allowing many inflation system interfacing options
    - Durable lightweight anodized aluminum, or very durable and corrosion resistant stainless steel construction available

  • Product Specification Requirements:
    Maximum Rated Working Pressure: 5000 Psig (345 Bar)
    Effective Flow Area: .0191 sq/in
    Construction Material:
    - 6061 Anodized Aluminum
    - 303 Stainless Steel
    Approximate Assembled Weight:
    - Aluminum: .82 lb (372 g)
    - Stainless Steel: 1.42 lb (644 g)
    Operating Temperature Range:-40°F - 160°F (-40°C - 71°C)

  • Service Fluid:
    Blended Gas
    Breathable Air
    Carbon Dioxide

  • Safety Discharge:
    Safety Burst Disc
    Heat Fusible Plug (Optional)

  • Body Material Options:
    Anodized Aluminum
    Stainless Steel

  • Outlet Location Options:

  • Outlet Interface Options:
    -4 JIC (M), Stainless Steel
    -4 JIC 90̊ (M), Stainless Steel Elbow
    -5 JIC (M), Stainless Steel (Long)
    -5 JIC (M), Free Rotating
    -6 JIC (M), Stainless Steel (Short)
    -6 JIC (M), Stainless Steel (Long)
    3/8-18 NPSM (M), Stainless Steel (Short)
    3/8-18 NPSM (M), Stainless Steel (Medium)
    3/8-18 NPSM (M), Brass (Medium)
    3/8-18 NPSM (M), Stainless Steel (Long)
    3/8-18 NPSM (M), Brass With Diffuser Nose
    3/8-18 NPSM (M), Stainless Steel With Diffuser Nose
    3/8-19 BSP (M), Stainless Steel

  • Inlet Interface Options:
    3/4-16UNF (M), Face Seal*
    3/4-16UNF (M), Port Seal (MS 33656)*
    7/8-14UNF (M), Face Seal
    7/8-14UNF (M), Port Seal (MS 33656)
    3/4-14NPSM (M), Face Seal
    3/4 NGT (M), Taper Pipe
    1-1/16-12UN (M), Port Seal (MS 33656)
    288 DIN (M), Tapered Pipe
    1-1/8-12UNF (M), Face Seal
    1-3/16-12UN (M), Port Seal (MS 33656)
    1 5/16-12UN (M), Port Seal (MS 33656)

    *Maximum Rated Working Pressure: 3000 Psig (207 Bar)

  • Pull Cable Retainer Options:
    Up Pull
    Down Pull

  • US Patent: 6,260,570 and 5,647,390

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